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Peddle is your trusted partner for accelerating business growth in the digital age. As a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partners with over 15 years of specialized experience working with technology startups, we’ve empowered businesses in the B2B SaaS, services, and e-commerce verticals and technology, healthcare, and cannabis industries.

Our team boasts a robust portfolio of over 30 combined certifications in HubSpot, Shopify, Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, ensuring that you get nothing less than expert guidance. Partner with Peddle to unlock the full potential of your business with HubSpot today.

Marketing Ops

✓ Streamlining Content Creation

✓ Lead Generation

✓ Leveraging Marketing Automation to 10x Output

✓ Reporting Dashboards to Track KPIs

✓ Enablement and SOP Development

Web Ops

✓ Web Development / CMS Management

✓ Conversion Rate Optimization

✓ Page Speed Optimization


✓ HubSpot Artificial Intelligence

✓ ESP Management

✓ Automations

✓ Integrations / API

✓ Cross Platform Reporting Dashboards


✓ Revenue Strategies

✓ Sales Enablement

✓ Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams

✓ Streamlining Processes

✓ Reporting Dashboards

Integrated Team


“Italo and team were instrumental in helping us build out almost all aspects of Hubspot for our company and advising scalable strategies along the way. An ongoing highlight was how integrated their team was with our day to day. They joined standups daily, were always available and ready to get it done.”


Head of Global Digital Marketing

DoiT, 200-500 Employees

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