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125-Year-Old Manufacturer Modernizes with

HubSpot CRM for Customer Engagement

Engaging Prospects and Customers

MarketingOps, RevOps

The Challenge

Travis' family has owned Bosley Mouldings, an eco-friendly hardwood architectural mouldings manufacturer, for over a century. When the opportunity to purchase the business arose, he seized it. With a background in tech, Travis understood the need for a robust CRM but lacked the in-house team for implementation. He enlisted the Peddle team to make HubSpot the centerpiece of his ecosystem and to develop outbound sales campaigns.


Build a marketing and sales engine for Bosley Mouldings to generate leads, track sales activities, capture created deals, and report on revenue, all within HubSpot.


The Peddle team constructed an outbound sales system that prospects and engages leads through emails, handing off interested parties to the internal sales team. Custom reporting was created to track conversion rates, meetings, outcomes, deals, and revenue.


Bosley adopted the system in-house and has since applied the same system to re-engaging current customers for reselling and upselling. In addition they hired Peddle again to overhaul their quoting system within HubSpot and to integrate invoicing with their QuickBooks accounting system.

Client Testimonial

“Very competent and professional...

they operate very much like a well polished business and consultancy.”

Travis Ritter

CEO, Bosley Mouldings


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