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YouPayNada's Modular 'Campaign-in-a-box' Development

Enhancing Lead Generation and Attribution

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The Challenge

YouPayNada (YPN) engaged Peddle to develop reusable modular landing pages and email templates to minimize development upkeep for future campaigns, alongside launching a newsletter program, all while tracking relevant metrics per campaign and rep.


YPN hired Peddle to create reusable, modular landing pages and email templates, making future campaigns easier to launch. YPN aims to drive leads to customized landing pages featuring each sales rep's headshot and contact details. They also need to track form submissions, lead activity, closed-won deals, and revenue, attributing each to the correct sales reps and campaigns. YPN requested Peddle’s expertise for launching a newsletter program.


We leveraged HubSpot's CMS to create SEO-optimized, visually appealing landing pages and email templates designed to engage YPN's audience. These assets can be reused for various campaigns without ongoing development. We trained the YPN team on HubSpot usage, including setting marketing contacts, managing subscription types, sending multi-touch campaigns, and tracking KPIs.

Additionally, Peddle crafted custom reporting dashboards tailored for YPN's sales team, offering real-time visibility into the lead flow from initial contact to closed deals. These dashboards, by visualizing key metrics and sales performance indicators, enable the sales team to monitor their progress, pinpoint potential bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to refine their sales process.

To ensure a seamless transition and successful implementation, Peddle compiled documentation accessible 24/7 for quick reference in case a user needs assistance.


YPN now has a reusable "campaign-in-a-box" asset set, including landing pages, email templates, lists, and reports. Peddle also developed SOPs for training new team members in the future. Our email templates are not just eye-catching; they're optimized for reuse, deliverability, and engagement, adaptable for varying campaign objectives and audience segments.

Client Testimonial

“I contacted Italo and team to help us with Hubspot and getting our email templates and landing pages setup. The team did an amazing job turning around creative in a timely manner and creating easy to use modules. They were easy to communicate with, quick to follow up, and made videos explaining things that I am able to go back and reference if I need. I have enjoyed working with them for this project and will 100% work with them in the future.”

Aislinn Willander

Marketing Director, Paynada


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