Streamlining Operations

Trustmi's Strategic Partnership with Peddle for HubSpot Implementation

Sales and Marketing Alignment

MarTech, RevOps

The Challenge

Trustmi, aiming to bridge the information and process gap between sales and marketing, decided to implement HubSpot and provide training to their team. This move is envisioned to establish a cohesive platform aligning with their demand generation strategy and fostering growth.


To realize this objective, Trustmi enlisted the expertise of Peddle, a seasoned player in HubSpot implementation and onboarding. Peddle's multidisciplinary team comprising design experts, web developers, inbound marketers, and strategic consultants is set to propel Trustmi's business growth.


Peddle's approach transcends mere HubSpot implementation and email template creation. They facilitated the integration of Trustmi's Webflow website with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, unlocking comprehensive tracking capabilities. This setup empowers Trustmi with invaluable insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and conversion rates.

Additionally, Peddle crafted custom reporting dashboards tailored for Trustmi's sales team, offering real-time visibility into the lead flow from initial contact to closed deals. These dashboards, by visualizing key metrics and sales performance indicators, enable the sales team to monitor their progress, pinpoint potential bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to refine their sales process.

To ensure a seamless transition and successful implementation, Peddle compiled documentation accessible 24/7 for quick reference in case a user needs assistance.


The anticipated outcome of this collaboration is the establishment of a growth-oriented holistic platform aligned with Trustmi's demand generation strategy. With HubSpot integration and Peddle's expertise, Trustmi is now poised with the essential tools to optimize their marketing endeavors and drive business growth.


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